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Alcohol-free wine

A new market? This trend is confirmed worldwide. The market for alcohol-free wines is booming. It has grown by 7% in 2022 and represents more than $3.8 billion worldwide. In France, sales in 2022 rose by 3.7% to almost 20 million euros. In volume terms, this...

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Esca: Significant decrease depending on the size

The most known wood diseases are: Esca, Eutypiosis and BDA (Black Dead Arm). Several precautionary measures are to be taken in the conduct of the vineyard: mode and date of pruning, control of fertilization or water supply. Depending on the contamination, the affected...

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Saint Laurent – An unknown grape variety

Saint Laurent is a grape variety with a somewhat forgotten origin. In the past, it would have been cultivated in the south-west of France or in Alsace. However, it has disappeared from the French landscape but it has survived in Germany (Rheinhessen and Pfalz),...

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Alcohol and calories

Summer is fast approaching and we can legitimately feel reluctant to chain aperitifs or BBQs of all kinds because of alcohol and calories. Alcohol, energy source for the body You can see on the table below the calories taken if one consumes a glass of alcohol of wines...

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Luxembourg, the hidden country of wine

Vinum magazine devotes a few pages in its March/April 2022 edition to introducing us to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is certainly known for its financial center but its epicurean side has nothing to envy to its neighboring countries.   Indeed, along the...

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Riesling, king of grape varieties

Rielsing is said to be the king of grape varieties. Some purists consider it one of the greatest white grape varieties.Who am I? Riesling is a white grape variety, originating from the Rhine Valley and the Moselle. It has an origin from Roman times and its cultivation...

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4 alternatives to champagne for your holiday menus

If you prefer classicism, which has won several awards over time and will not suffer from any comparison, I suggest: The heritage crémant brut from Maison Gales   If you are in a mischievous mood, I present to you the one that will surprise both women and men:...

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