4 alternatives to champagne for your holiday menus
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  • If you prefer classicism, which has won several awards over time and will not suffer from any comparison, I suggest:

The heritage crémant brut from Maison Gales


  • If you are in a mischievous mood, I present to you the one that will surprise both women and men:

Héritage Rosé crémant brut from Maison Gales


  • If you like a touch of fruitiness and elegance, you will succumb to:

Desom Elegance crémant brut


  • Finally, for connoisseurs or accomplished epicureans, produced in less than 3,000 bottles with a rest on lees for at least 30 months, I suggest you take into consideration:

The Crémant Défi from Clos Mon Vieux Moulin


I invite you to discover the products of excellence from the hidden land of wine. He is known only to a small circle of connoisseurs. I am sure you will be next!

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