Alcohol and calories

Summer is fast approaching and we can legitimately feel reluctant to chain aperitifs or BBQs of all kinds because of alcohol and calories.

  • Alcohol, energy source for the body

You can see on the table below the calories taken if one consumes a glass of alcohol of wines and crémants. Basically, it takes 70Kcal for 100ml. It’s not nothing but less worse than others.

Now let’s look at hard liquor like whiskey or grappa. It is necessary to count for 100 ml approximately 250 Kcal. Beer, on the other hand, is more economical at around 45 kcal. The figures put forward are of course approximate because it varies according to the type of alcohol and its production, but already gives a certain idea.

  • So does alcohol make you fat?

Yes and no ! The calories taken by alcohol are not stored and are said to be empty or hollow but energy for our body. They are qualitatively very poor because they contain no nutrients, just ethanol, water and sugar in general.

Alcohol will make us hungry. So we are hungry! Even if the body in terms of calories (depending on the number of glasses) no longer needs anything. The problem is that we eat next to the food which is therefore transformed into an additional source of energy which will be stored (where? I let you guess…)

If we plan for example a Big Mac which has an energy value of 498 kcal, the pizza, more than 1,000 kcal or even peanuts (100g for 640 kcal), the diet is to be forgotten for once. This is going to be stored purely and simply.

  • Conviviality of the meal

Our BBQ and other aperitifs will be saved if we consume in moderation while having a healthy sporty life. Moderation is certainly essential and to quench your thirst, nothing replaces water! Moreover, it is important to drink it even with wine, otherwise beware of headaches!

But sharing a convivial moment with friends while drinking wine or a crémant is always a pleasant experience thanks to the exchange provided!

Come on, have a great summer! …and good health !

Luxembourg vineyard

©AOP Luxembourg

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