Luxembourg, the hidden country of wine

Vinum magazine devotes a few pages in its March/April 2022 edition to introducing us to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is certainly known for its financial center but its epicurean side has nothing to envy to its neighboring countries.


Indeed, along the Moselle, several restaurants will delight your taste buds in a top-notch wine-growing setting. A multitude of cellars steeped in history are to be discovered for convivial experiences without equivalence.


In addition, their wines and crémants are beginning to be recognized internationally thanks to their excellent quality! They are regularly checked and tested to ensure a high level of taste consistency.


Vinum magazine cover
Riesling Palmberg - Clos Mon Vieux Moulin

Did you know that their wines are exported to Canada or Japan? Not to mention that their crémants are so popular that the annual production is sold year after year without any problem.

In Vinum, you will be able to appreciate the tasting comments made on one of the products that Sparkle and Wine imports into Switzerland, the Riesling, Ahn Palmberg 2019 from Clos Mon Vieux Moulin.


Nice discovery!

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