The grape variety Auxerrois from Luxembourg

The Auxerrois grape is a white grape from Lorraine (France) but it is also present in the Loire Valley, Alsace and Moselle. In Switzerland, however, it is very little cultivated (4 ha according to It is also present in Germany, Canada or even, South Africa.

The so-called “noble” Auxerrois grape variety from Luxembourg is also quite rare. This variety is the perfect balance between acidity and a touch of sugar which gives it a nice structure and a light mellowness. The clusters are medium in size with small berries. It is a semi-late variety whose buds only come out if the temperature is above 10°C.

This gastronomic white wine will accompany you throughout a meal as well as as an aperitif. It can be associated, for example, with asparagus, smoked ham, pan-fried mushrooms or all dishes that require a little sweetness.

Auxerrois from Luxembourg is also used in the production of straw wine or late harvest wine. His culture is important with almost 15% of Luxembourg production devoted to it. Indeed, it is part of the composition of crémants by giving it elegance and roundness. In addition, it can give wines for laying down which are reminiscent of the white wines of Burgundy.

Sparkle and Wine offers this grape variety under the “Domaine et Tradition” charter wine label for Maison Gales and “Grand Premier Cru” for the Desom domain . The areas selected from our assortment benefit from the diversity of the soils of the Luxembourg Moselle to produce rich and varied wines with unique tastes.


Luxembourg vineyard

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