Crémant DEFI – Clos Mon vieux Moulin

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The first objective of the Duhr family is to show that with the right know-how, a lot of passion and patience, Luxembourg winegrowers also produce top-of-the-range sparkling wines. For this cremant, the grapes come exclusively from their own vines, are harvested and selected by hand. They are also cultivated with full respect for the natural environment. Then the base wines are aged in wood for 8 months. The cuvée is made up of noble Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties.

The annual production of Crémant prestige DEFI is less than 3000 bottles. Unlike large-volume crémants, which remain on slats for only 9 or 12 months, the Duhrs give more than 30 months of traditional method to Crémant prestige DEFI. The result is final.

The result is a delicacy of foam and a perfect harmony between the two grape varieties. The slightly evolved nose is intense as is the color. Then, in mouth, it is harmonious with a beautiful vinosity.


Domain                             Clos Mon Vieux Moulin

Category                           Cremant

Grape variety                   Blend (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir)

Gastronomy                     Aperitif, shellfish, salty or even sweet dishes

Capacity                            75 cl

Alcohol                             12.5%

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