Pinot noir rosé – Côtes de Remich – Desom

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    CategoryCôtes de Remich – Cave Desom
    Grape varietyPinot noir
    Capacity75 cl
    GastronomyGrilled fish, smoked meats, salads, cheeses
    TastingWith a bright raspberry pink color and a powerful and fragrant nose, this Pinot Noir Rosé will intoxicate you with its charm. You will discover a round and fruity wine, a light sensation in the mouth underlined by tasty aromas of red cherry, wild strawberry and quince followed by a long delicate finish.
    Harvesting and wine makingThe grapes are harvested by hand at sunrise in October. The berries are sorted, destemmed, crushed and then tapped. After a night in contact with the skins, the juice has taken on a beautiful salmon hue, this is called a “vin de saignée”. Then it is left to ferment. After 3 months of aging on lees, the wine is filtered and bottled.

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