Cocktail of Crémant de Luxembourg
Spritz with cremant

Late summer, festive cocktail! One must catch up with the other … luckily we found something!

After having scoured the seas, it’s time to come back to dry land with something new! During a visit to a mysterious continent, locals spoke only of Kritz to seal our new friendships. At first, we thought it was some sort of bear show, grizzly style … Not at all! They made us taste a kind of magic potion and I must admit that it was not to displease! To be consumed in moderation because the bubbles do not take away the morning alarm clock which hits with the sole of the foot.

With our druid, we tried to reproduce the drink as best we could with the means at hand. I’m not even talking about the sole… In short, the color is there, the texture too and my faith, it brings joy to the heart! However, don’t try to figure out what Kritz means! We do not know ! or more, in fact …

We named ours in memory: Dritz or Gritz depending on the crémant used!

To be successful, you must:

  • 4 ice cubes
  • 3 volumes of crémant (Desom, Duhr or Gales of your choice) very fresh!
  • 2 volumes of Aperol
  • 1 orange slice
  • 1 little fresh sparkling water (or more crémant for the brave!)

Great night! Prost!


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