3 Riesling Adventure

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    To participate in this adventure and discover an unknown world, you will have to be intrepid and well equipped! First of all, a mind of steel for the most precise olfactory examination. Then the glass! Yes, drinking from the bottle is possible but not great! Then, a reassuring accompaniment which will revive and brighten the taste buds in the mouth ( delicate suggestion ): a char in Geneva! Finally, the drink necessary for our taste journey, I named: Riesling!

    To support you in this quest, we offer the following 3 riesling:

    • Riesling , Ahn Palmberg, 2019, Clos Mon vieux Moulin
    • Riesling , Domaine and Tradition, 2018, Maison Gales
    • Rielsing, Wormeldange Koeppchen, 2019, Domaine Desom

    Do not wait any longer! Off to new adventures!

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